Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Assessment Of Resource Capabilities Of BMW Assignment

Assessment Of Resource Capabilities Of BMW - Assignment Example In an effort to uphold quality inventory in its earlier years, BMW ensured that it had innovative technology that would also help the company reach a larger audience. The easy to navigate website captured the attention of many customers making it very simple for people to order commodities As years have gone by, the company has incorporated modern age technology in an effort to increase the market value of its products. In 2009, BMW introduced a software package that would assist in monitoring its workflow and make forecasts on the effects caused by various real estate decisions made. Moreover, it acquired a system that would help intensify its e-commerce trades by faster processing of orders.   With the advent of new technology, the company is bound to make even higher sales (Fleisher, 2008, 48).With relation to tangible resources, it is important to note that the company has made numerous strides in an effort to keep in touch with advancements in the industry. The company has had the ability to buy new machinery that has assisted in cutting down the costs per production. This is the fact that in earlier years, the company had faced numerous challenges having to outsource some of its departments facing the uneven market demographics. Human resource has also worked to ensure that the company gets back to its high market position that it enjoyed in the 1990s. This is from the increased number of retail shops around the world majoring in the sale of BMW products  

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